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Who we are

Kreativ Street is a tight-knit family, made of curious storytellers, and creative strategists based out of Gurgaon and Mumbai. With the help of our collective expertise in communication, design, strategy, and technology we create compelling solutions for all our partners. We are hungry for new challenges, and embrace each project with clear eyes and full hearts!

We visualize ourselves as a bridge that connects the conceived strategy with execution. The entire team of Street-fighters works towards a singular purpose, to make a brand bigger, more human, and well integrated into a community.

Our Team

Our Founders

Every organization, team, and dare we say squad deserves a leader and we got three! This includes Neeraj Sancheti, CEO, who has been leading the fight for integrated marketing communication from the vanguard; Hemant Kumar, Creative Head (Art, UI/UX), pushing the forces of our design team off the cliff and outside the box; and Prashant Singhroha, COO, making sure that we are just as effective where the rubber meets the road and personally taking lead on the influencer marketing wing of Kreativ Street.

Our Design Team

Design Team

Our design team boasts an impressive roster of designers, illustrators, visualizer, and art directors with extensive experience in digital as well as traditional media channels.

We, at Kreativ Street, like to keep our skills sharp and horizons wide. We take part in grueling training sessions such as Street Side-Chat, Kreativ Fri, and courses, we are forging new creative solutions to emerging marketing challenges.

Our Video Team

Video Team

Our in-house video production studio houses some of the most talented as well as a workaholic team. We take pride in our agile and (supernaturally) fast turnaround time on video projects. Lead by DOP, Akash Singh, our video team has worked on brands such as HCL, Cremica, Future Group, Paytm Mall, Panasonic, Stellar, and TCIL.

We believe in a holistic approach when it comes to video communication, and thus take a ‘devil-lies-in-the-details’ route to all our projects. From scripting to preproduction, to editing, we do it all and we do it well!

Our Client Servicing Team

Client Servicing Team

Under the direct leadership of our CEO, Neeraj Sancheti, the entire Client Servicing team walks the shoes of both clients as well as of Kreativ Street. Our Servicing team members are master jugglers, taking care of multiple interlinked projects at one time.

Comprising of seasoned Account Directors, Account Supervisors, Account Managers, and Executives, the client servicing arm of Kreativ Street is built with a team of go-getters and trouble-shooters, ready to take care of any marketing need any hour of the day.

Our Copywriting Team

Copywriting Team

A group of curious storytellers who form the backbone of all communication that goes out from the trenches of our Street (not really, however we do control everything copy & content!) Our Copywriting team works closely with the strategy team on one end of the spectrum and design-video team on another, to come up with creative communication for a brand-message or create a new brand.

As copywriters, we not only work on the core message but also the form of it. The syllabic juxtaposition, rhythm, and figure of speeches are just as important.

Articulation, it’s a beautiful thing.

Our Tech Team

Tech Team

With our in-house technology team, we don’t just talk the talk but walk the walk of being at the very tip of the innovation spear! From media to frontend-backend development, from SEO to UI/UX, we are forging our name in the industry for our quality work and quick turn-around time on projects.

As a digital-first agency, we take great pride in our tech-team and is personally led by our Creative Head, Hemant Kumar.

Our Strategy Planning Development(SPD) Team

Strategy Planning Development(SPD) Team

The Strategy & Planning Division is a unique wing of Kreativ Street that comprises of a select group of individuals from copy, strategy, and design team, who work on long-term communication goals of a brand. Focussed entirely on large-scale campaigns, and under the wings of our Chief Strategy Officer Mahesh, SPD is responsible for not only the most comprehensive campaigns that go out form Kreativ Street but is also responsible for providing a support system to other teams and divisions.

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