Marketing Shared Services Center Set-up & Run.


Kreativ Street begins by reducing the perceived difficulty and risk in setting up a Marketing Shared Services Centre. Our in-house experts gain an in-depth understanding of the organisation’s requirements, abilities and current realities of the industry. This helps in a hassle-free transition that reduces difficulty and increases efficiency.

Our services include brand research, media buys, design, copy, execution, analytics, online reputation management and everything else the situation might deem necessary for a well-organized and competent set-up.

Why Us?

Marketers have applied the shared services model successfully many times in the past, but Kreativ Street takes it even further by sharing advanced methods as well. These include leveraging web 2.0 tech and development of expert centres to free up the organisation’s resources by undertaking overlapping and repetitive tasks. This helps organisations gain a competitive advantage in achieving marketing superiority while reducing costs, also helping them reach new customer segments and building user-focused products.

To easily overcome the challenges that come with starting a shared services centre, Kreativ Street understands an organisation’s current marketing needs, finalises the services to be shared, the working model and an overall plan for hassle-free transition.

Our experienced team classifies the organisation’s marketing budgets as per required allocations. Pre-defined data templates are created to ease up the process of gathering relevant information. The team also helps clients finalise a list of services across expertise-based and execution-based verticals. Repetitive execution-based tasks such as analytics, media buys, design and copy etc. help reduce usage of resources and expertise-based tasks such as SMM, campaign management etc. help take organisation to higher peaks.

After finalisation of services, Kreativ Street develops/identifies the tools required to carry them out. There is no single answer to this situation. So, we tailor-make our shared services solutions for each client to achieve high levels of optimisation. We believe that automation is the key to running shared services smoothly. This can be easily seen in organisations that have gained industry-leadership by developing a unified CRM process as the core tool behind supporting certain processes like analytics, campaign management etc.

High-quality communication and on-time delivery are two of the most critical aspects of implementing a shared services model. Our team understands this and focuses on sending crystal communication both internally and to the target demographics. This high-level of communication is achieved because of our process of building a road map from start to end and sharing the final objectives with our entire team.

Implementing and running a marketing shared services centre often becomes the key market differentiator. We at Kreativ Street, enable our clients to become the dominant players by providing smooth-running and innovative services.

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