Email Marketing.


Using content that adds value to the user’s life, Kreativ Street offers high-quality lead generation through Email, SMS and Affiliate channels. Our zero-tolerance approach towards incorrect Spam and Fraud alerts assures brands are able to create multiple high-result touchpoints that help in attaining a global target audience. And by formulating a robust affiliate payment program that incentivises high-quality traffic, our affiliate experts achieve their single biggest goal i.e. high ROIs.

Why Us?

Kreativ Street does not believe in sending Email/SMS using randomly created databases. Instead, we first collect a brand’s relevant target user info, interests and create a databased based on the resulting research. This strategy ensures a high-performance contact list.

Our creative team focuses on creating value-based communication that is exciting and engaging. The brand is able to easily standout from the crowd and effectively grab the customer’s attention. The copywriters focus on creating content that has a conspicuous and single-minded meaning. They place only one CTA per communication so as to not confuse the user and remove any unrelated content during editing stages. Whether it be graphics, copy or A/V, the end-goal will always be to create content that adds value to the end-user’s life in a memorable fashion.

The development team at Kreativ Street takes full use of existing content management systems to run high-result Email/SMS campaigns. We can even assist brands in creating automated email tools for internal content management systems. To guarantee relevant Email/SMS content goes out in spite of automation, our team creates forms which collect all the necessary information while keeping in mind to not ask for too much data. This helps the brand in sending personalised content to target users.

Though it is important to grab attention through affiliate marketing, it is as important to manage expectations. That’s why our experts build a consistent user experience, all the way from the first click to the last one. The experts believe in selling the brand but not overselling it. All Email/SMS campaigns go through rigorous A/B testing to single out the communications that get the highest CTRs.

All of Kreativ Street’s Email/SMS & Affiliate marketing efforts are result-oriented. Our analysts constantly research the user behaviour in order to gain deeper knowledge about relevant content. These insights are then put to use via an approach that is tailored to the brand’s specific users. Even during dissemination of content, our analysts pervasively evaluate the results to pin point key areas of improvement, which results in constantly rising results.

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