Community Management & Influencer Marketing.


Kreativ Street believes in using social media channels to connect users with a shared set of interests. The shared set of interests being in alignment with a brand’s offerings. Based on this belief, our community experts actively monitor a brand’s profiles and target users on all social networks. We also create brand awareness via influencer activities such as blogging, vlogging and developing positive word-of-mouth.

Via leveraging our connections within the influencer network and building highly-revered communities, Kreativ Street is able to connect brands with users in a personal, hard-to-forget manner.

Why Us?

The community managers at Kreativ Street have the ability to answer all sorts of queries a brand’s users have about services/products. We also have the capability to create and execute engagement strategies that help build loyal communities. These strategies help brands in building a real conversation with its target users.

Kreativ Street’s influencer network stretches across all categories such as FMCG, travel, real estate, tech, hospitality, lifestyle etc. These networks create and share content in the form of social content, blogs, vlogs etc across all brand-relevant channels.

We begin our strategy by understanding the brand’s marketing goals and launching campaigns that elicit interest from influencers to partner with the brand. After receiving quotations and closing of subsequent negotiations that align with pre-decided budgets, our content experts curate omni-channel communication that can be shared by influencers on platforms such as YouTube, FB, Twitter, Instagram, Zomato, TripAdvisor and other review-worthy platforms.

During and after execution of such campaigns, our team quantifies the results. Based on which we build and engage in further conversations with the target users. This process involves usage of AI recommendations—based on no. of followers and demographics—to identify influencers that converse with the target group. Thus, helping us give a detailed prediction of projected campaign results and identifying possible impact on brand value.

By measuring an influencer’s audience size vs. engagement on all channels, Kreativ Street identifies influencers with fake followers. Our experts then drop such influencers to further optimise budgets and achieve higher ROIs. We ensure that an influencer is delivering the desired results by regularly measuring the quantifiable impact of their posts.

Influencer marketing and community building aren’t just tools that help create positive brand advocacy, they are social listening tools as well. Listening tools that help track actual feedback for the brand to work on and improve. Based on this thought, experts at Kreativ Street actively watch all on-going engagements to create an impactful and memorable brand presence across all platforms.

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