Brand Strategy and Research.


We at Kreativ Street take a step ahead of the usual brand outlines of vision, mission and belief. In fact, we choose to look at the ability of a brand to solve real-world problems of users and the specific goals the brand helps them accomplish. Discovering said abilities enables us to dive deep into the Brand’s proposed users, researching based on both qualitative and quantitative methodologies. Therefore, helping determine our product and marketing strategies. And by applying these strategies, we’re able to convert businesses into revered brands of the digital era.

Our branding skills consist of services that include logo design, brand tone identification, naming, creation of marketing guidelines and identifying high lead-generating platforms.

Why Us?

Kreativ Street believes that technology is growing at a pace where no business is safe in the coming years. Based on this fast-paced growth and evolving user expectations, we forecast the needed positioning of a brand in the near as well as the far future.

We conceptualise this forecast by not looking for the right answers but asking the right questions. These questions stem from the shifting expectations of users as per the constantly changing digital landscape. The answers to these questions help us in realising new market opportunities, business models and save costs.

Our expert design team conceptualises these opportunities. They create communication that clearly expresses a Brand’s abilities from the point of view of customers, partners and employees. Thus, making digital the central driver of the Brand’s future successes.

This in-depth research is applied in our creative processes as well. All communications are tested continually during development as well as post-launch to further optimise user experiences.

Our innovation team creates new solutions as well as researches a business’ problem areas for which current solutions aren’t the best. In understanding these problem areas, we find opportunity for innovation. And after prototyping innovative solutions, our team works in close proximity with clients to quickly launch an in-market pilot and manage it across all verticals.

In order to make these methodologies work, we consider brands as mechanical systems that often need technology to automate when, where and how the brand talks to its target users.

So not only does Kreativ Street search for new market opportunities for a Brand, we also examine the current ones and automate processes to reduce costs. Our multi-pronged approach to research and strategy guarantees rise in Brand metrics at a rapid pace.

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